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5664 Interchange Road
Lehighton, PA 18235
(610)377-5549 fax

Mon. - Fri.  8am - 4:30pm

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RTKL Officer - Susan Gegeckas
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Right-To-Know Law

Section 504.    Regulations and policies.                                  
        (a)   Authority.--An agencey may promulgate                  regulations and policies necessary for the agency to             implement this act.  The Office of Open Records may           promulgate regulations relating to appeals involving a         Commonwealth agency or local agency.
        (b)   Posting.--The following information shall be            posted at each agency and, if the agency maintains an          Internet website, on the agency's Internet website:               
        (1)   Contact information for the open-records officer    
        (2)    Contact information for the Office of Open              Records or other applicable appeals officer.                             
         (3)    A form which may be used to file s request.            
         (4)     Regulations, policies and procedures of the               agency relating to this act.


RTKL Request Form

RTKL email:

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