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November 5, 2021

The following procedures continue to be in effect:

The Carbon Conservation District office is open but appointments are mandatory.  We encourage using email or phone to contact staff with questions or concerns.


CCD Office visitors -

Visitors must wear a mask while in the Office.

A visitor’s log will be kept by the Staff.  The purpose of this is to know who came in and out of the office for accountability and also, who we must notify if a possible case of COVID-19 was identified in CCD office.

They must either use their own pen or use a provided sanitized pen (pen will be sanitized with disinfectant prior to next use).

Whomever is meeting with the visitors must wear a mask, as well.



Erosion Control and Waterways Permitting (Chapter 102)

Staff will notify engineers/contractors they will be working remotely but available by appointment at the District office. Appointments can also be done via conference call or video conferencing. Plans can be dropped off at the office in the Plan Drop off box at front door or submitted vis US Mail. Additional guidance regarding delegated programs will be followed as directed by DEP for permit time frames and SOP’s.


102 – Plan reviews can take place offsite in a location where staff feel they have adequate space and minimal distractions; site visits/inspections can continue as normal if social distancing can be exercised.  Any complaints will be evaluated on a case by case basis. If inspections are deemed necessary, social distancing will be exercised.


Dirt, Gravel and Low Volume Road -Program contracts, technical assistance and projects can move forward with construction.


RTK Requests – Right to Know requests – The District Office is open but appointments are mandatory as some information may not be readily available. We will be in contact with you regarding your request and discuss the best way to provide your information in an expeditious manner.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  Be well and be safe.